Arkansas AFL-CIO 31st Constitutional Convention

June 19 and 20, 2017

This year will be the Thirty-first Constitutional Convention of the Arkansas AFL-CIO. It will be held at the Clarion Resort on the Lake at 4813 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, Arkansas on Monday, June 19th – 20th, 2017.


Each affiliated local union in good standing shall be entitled to representation and votes in conventions of the Arkansas AFL-CIO based upon the average number of members on whom per capita has been paid for the 24 months period ending February 28 immediately preceding the Convention, except that locals affiliated for as much as three months of that period, but less than all of it, shall have the number of delegates and votes based upon the average for all the months affiliated, divided by (24) twenty-four. The schedule of representation shall be as follows:

100 members or less…………….1 delegate
101 to 300 members…………….3 delegates
301 to 600 members………….…4 delegates
601 to 1,000 members………….5 delegates
1,001 to 1,500 members………6 delegates
1,501 to 2,100 members…..….7 delegates
2,101 to 2,800 members..........8 delegates
2,801 to 3,600 members……….9 delegates
3,601 to 4,500 members……….10 delegates
4,501 to 5,500 members……… 11 delegates
5,501 members or more………..12 delegates

Locals which have been affiliated for less than three months of the immediately preceding 12 month period ending February 28 or which have affiliated since February 28 shall be entitled to one delegate and one vote.  However, newly organized locals affiliating within 6 months of the date of their charter shall be entitled to representation and vote based on the average number of members on whom per capita tax has been paid, divided by (24) twenty-four.  LOCALS WHICH ARE NOT IN GOOD STANDING, THAT IS, THREE MONTHS OR MORE IN ARREARS, SHALL NOT BE ENTITLED TO ANY DELEGATES OR VOTES.  ALL DUES MUST BE PAID THROUGH THE MONTH OF MARCH 2017 TO BE ENTITLED TO ANY DELEGATES OR VOTES.

Each affiliated local union in good standing shall be entitled to one vote per member based upon the average membership determined in the manner set forth in Section 4 of Article IV of the Constitution.

Each affiliated subordinate body in good standing shall be entitled to three delegates and three votes.

All members of the Executive Board who are not elected as delegates from their respective organizations shall have a voice but no vote in the convention.

Each affiliated organization may designate one alternate delegate for each regular delegate to which it is entitled. The alternate delegate shall become a regular delegate representing his organization in case a regular delegate is unable to serve by registration with the Credentials Committee as a regular delegate.


Delegates to the convention must be members in good standing of the affiliated local union of the Arkansas AFL-CIO which he/she represents or an accredited representative of the parent organization of the affiliate and must be qualified electors of the state of their residence.

No person shall be seated as a delegate in a convention of the Arkansas AFL-CIO nor shall any person be eligible to serve as an officer or as a member of the Executive Board, or of any committee of the AFL-CIO, who is a member of the Communist Party, the Ku Klux Klan, or any other Fascist or totalitarian movement or who consistently pursues policies or activities directed toward the achievement of the program or the purposes of such organizations or movements rather than the objectives and policies of this Arkansas AFL-CIO and the AFL-CIO.

No persons shall be eligible to serve in any of the capacities enumerated above who holds a salaried position or any other position of administrative or executive authority in a union, or any subordinate branch of a union, which has been suspended or expelled from the AFL-CIO, Article IV, Sections 19 and 21.


The officers shall consist of a full-time President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President(s), full-time Secretary-Treasurer, and twenty (20) Board Members.  These officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the Arkansas AFL-CIO.

 The officers shall be elected by the convention by majority vote.  Such election shall take place on the last day of the convention unless otherwise determined by the convention.  Nominations shall take place on the first day of the convention.

registration Date & fees

Monday, June 19th from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. and Tuesday, June 20th from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m
The convention registration fee is $85 for each delegate, alternate delegate, and registered visitor planning to attend.

Resolutions & constitutional amendments

All resolutions and proposed constitutional amendments to be considered by any convention of the Arkansas AFL-CIO must be received in the office of the Secretary-Treasurer, in Little Rock, Arkansas ten (10) days immediately preceding the opening of the convention.

All resolutions and proposed constitutional amendments submitted after the time stipulated above or during the convention shall be referred to the Executive Board for its consideration and action.