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Arkansas Union Members with Wisconsin Senator Lena Taylor

Women’s Action for a New Direction hosts Wisconsin Senator Lena Taylor for their Mother’s Day for Peace Luncheon

WAND’s mission: To empower women to become politically active to reduce violence and militarism and to redirect excessive military resources to unmet human and environmental needs.

Senator Lena Taylor was a member of the “Wisconsin 14.” During the protests in Wisconsin, Taylor, along with the 13 other Democratic State Senators, left the state to deny the State Senate a quorum on Governor Scott Walker's "Budget Repair" legislation which repealed collective bargaining on benefits for public employees.


New "Work Connects Us All Website"



Texas AFL-CIO: Austin is Pilot City for New AFL-CIO Communications Program

AFL-CIO Launches Campaign, TV Ads in Austin
to Connect Americans through Shared Values around Work
Effort includes innovative new website

Austin, Texas – “Work Connects Us All” is the message of a new campaign from the AFL-CIO launched today in Austin. The campaign includes television advertising in English and Spanish to reach out to Americans based on shared values around work. The campaign is also launching today in Pittsburgh and will expand to other cities soon.

“This effort is not about politics, but about bringing people together for a real conversation about the dignity and impact of work and how securing respect for all work is fundamental to who we are,” said Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller.

Follow this link to the Texas AFL-CIO Press Release:

AFL-CIO National Blog Article:


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